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The “Escola de Notícias” (School of News, in english) is a social enterprise (not legally constituted) created in 2011 in the region of Campo Limpo, south of Sao Paulo. It works through a Producer Sociocultural that offers products and services in educommunication (education and community) and community mobilization, reinvesting part of the resources in a newspaper called “Fazendo Escola” (in english, “Making School”), the TVer! (in a free translation, “TVsee”): A story leads to another, weekly program that seeks the good stories in Campo Limpo; and the School of Community Communication . And it is to get its out of the dream world that we need you.

What is the idea of ​​the School of Community Communication?
We believe that producing Communication is very important to achieve the full exercise of citizenship. But they offer the possibility of young people to experience a journey of self-discovery is highly impactful and transformative for their communities and for themselves. So why not have both? For this, the concept of Community we have our own meaning for this, understanding that it is not just where we live, but, yes, all the spaces in which we live with other people. And all these spaces have transformative potential and good stories to be told. Besides incredible characters

From this idea will offer a Day of Learning with a total duration of 12 months to 45 young people aged 15 to 20 years, linked to 10 local public schools. Through Workshops Technical Journalism, Video, Radio and Photography, these youngsters will investigate appreciatively and record levels of community in which they live, from the study of the history of his family (our first community) to get the story of how did South Zone of São Paulo. For each level there will be community specific audiovisual products that will be displayed in a quarterly meeting with the portrayed characters,  which will, in that encounter light, fun and pleasurable, mapped and cataloged for the last phase of the School of Communication.

Called “Minha ComunicAÇÅO" (in english, ”My communicATION"), this last step invites all the portrayed characters through communication tools, to initiate real changes in their neighborhoods from what they do more and better. All this stimulated and mediated by the students of the School of Community Communication.

So they can fulfill this role will have throughout the Jornada study modules in cartography, anthroposophy, methods of conversation and community mobilization, among other social technologies, in addition to creating their own products, such as short films, TV programs, among others. The students who find themselves as Communicators, and want to do it in their lives, will be invited to intern at the Producer Sociocultural “Escola de Noticias”, a professional living space, generating their own income and deepening of expertise.

With this campaign we want to mobilize sufficient resources to make a pilot class in Campo Limpo, in 2013, paying teachers, paying for space and materials needed, plus equipment for workshops. With 60 thousands Reais (brazillian currency) we could make this class pilot and impacting tens individuals and organizations through this network of Young Communicators that we co-create.

How Communication Changes the World?

15/10/12 to 15/12/12
Challenge: R$ 60,000

How you can help the “Escola de Notícias” to happen in 2013?

What is “Catarse”?

It is a Brazilian platform for collaborative funding very safe and easy to use. In it, people put their best ideas and invite their networks to help get its out of the paper. The “Escola de Notícias” is with the School of Community Communication, a journey of learning for 30 young people from 10 schools in a different way than just form video producers to investigate the community appreciatively using it for the information technology and communication. How to use communication to find the good stories of a community? Connecting these people, their dreams of change? It's more that use communication to tell stories of transformation, is to be the very young and communication transformation happening.

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